To ask the Government to simplify the Blue Badge System

To: The Secreary of State for Communities and Local Government, the Secretary fo State for Transport, the Secretary of State for Health, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

We the undersigned urge the Government to simplify the Blue Badge system, so that it works all over the country in exactly the same way. It is not right that disabled people have not got a clue on how the system works in a new area until they get there. If the system was standardised throughout the country, then the disabled and their families would know what to expect - restrictions, where to park, when not to park. It would also help, if the supermarkets, local councils and other public bodies ensured that Blue Badge parking bay areas were correctly used and not abused by those who do not need them. Able bodied people can go over the country without worrying about where they can park the car, but the disabled person is more restricted. It is another way that a person with disabilities is disabled by society, and not due to their disabilities.

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