Fairer Funding for NHS Dentists


Like many residents, we have struggled to gain access to affordable dentistry, and it is becoming a bigger problem every year. In the past two months alone, we have had word of practices in Evesham and Pershore closing their doors to NHS patients and moving to private practice.

To make matters worse a survey conducted by Savanta ComRes for the Liberal Democrats has revealed that four out of ten people cannot afford the £250 average cost of a filling from a private dentist without borrowing money or turning to friends or family for financial assistance.

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We, the undersigned, call on the government to make NHS dentistry more attractive by funding our local NHS dentists properly, incentivise NHS dentistry where there is a need and work with local communities to make sure dentists are recruited to where they are needed most. Anyone who wants an NHS dentist should be able to access one.

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