Install CCTV at Rainham Rec & Cozenton Park

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We the undersigned call on Medway Council to untertake an immediate review and install CCTV at both sites. We also ask them to increase the amount of time child services spend at these locations, to encourage a more respect use of these beautiful green spaces.

All local residents know about the problems with antisocial behaviour that happens around the Rainham recreation ground and the skatepark at Cozenton Park. We have all seen the litter, the burnt or broken bins, the graffiti, the broken beer bottles, the gas cylinders and vandalism. We are all tired of clearing up and dealing with the mess caused by the minority of people who behave so selfishly. Their actions ruin this parks for the majority of children, teenagers and adults who treat them with the respect they deserve. However, after repeated requests and questions to Medway council, the local councillors and Kent police we are either told there isn't a problem or that there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Yet there is something they can do stop this antisocial behaviour. They can install CCTV at both locations. Rainham Recreation has already the infrastructure in place for CCTV, so it'll be relatively small cost to install a camera. The skatepark is next to the new planned Splashes swimming pool, and so the cost of CCTV could be incorporated in the design budget.

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