Think our countryside is safe? Think again.

Boris Johnson Tory ''Build Build Build!''Swathes of our Green Belt and even Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) are at risk. Tory Government policy is to ''Build Build Build'' - with little regard to what local residents think.

The Conservative Government has overruled local councils refusals up and down the country to allow large developments in not only Green Belt, but also AONB, within the last year.

Already this year the Government allowed a large development in a conservation area in Croxley Green, even admitting it would cause an ''adverse impact''. However the ''public benefit'' of the 160 new houses outweighed harm caused to the village green.

Unfortunately, our Conservative MP has been near silent on the matter in Parliament despite it causing anxiety to many of his residents. For added measure, he voted to allow water companies to dump raw sewage into the River Chess.

There is a housing need and new homes, particularly affordable, need to be provided. But this has to be in sustainable locations and not cause widespread damage to countryside where the infrastructure is often inadequate.

The Tories have simply handed private developers too much power and taken it away from local communities.

If you agree local communities should set their own housing targets support the petition below!

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