Add in more parking bays to support local business

Cllr Margaret Hofman with The Kitchen founder Linda Anderson

Cllrs Margaret Hofman and Dominic Sokalski have been working with local business owners to request the council make changes to the Croxley Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) to better support shops along Watford Road.

The Lib Dem Councillors are supporting a petition lodged by The Kitchen owner Linda Anderson requesting Three Rivers add in additional dual purpose parking bays for customers and allow parking for two hours. They are also requesting clearer signage where possible.

See petition below:

''Businesses depend on customers being able to visit and park their cars without hassle. We would like Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) to make changes to the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) to better support local businesses.

The short stay parking bays on Watford Road and Frankland Road only allow customers to park for free for one hour, with no return within two hours. This is not long enough for customers who visit cafés, dentists, hairdressers, nail salons and others.

A solution to this is for additional dual-purpose bays to be added, with the first hour free followed by £1 for the second hour. This would make life easier for customers and local business.

Therefore we, the undersigned, request that TRDC undertake the following:

1. For TRDC to find sites for additional dual purpose short stay parking bays near to the parade of shops on Watford Road near Frankland Road and Hazelwood Road;

2. TRDC to undertake a study into the feasibility of the short stay parking bays near to the parade of stops allowing drivers to park for two hours, with the first hour free followed by £1 for the second hour, or something similar.​''

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