Fighting for a better deal for Pensioners

17,951 pensioners in and around Guildford are being let down.

The Conservative Government - including Guildford's Conservative MP - have broken their election promise to protect the yearly rise in the state pension.

The 'triple lock' on pensions - introduced by the Liberal Democrats in 2010 - meant that the state pension rose each year in line with inflation, average earnings or by 2.5% (whichever was highest). This guaranteed more money in the pockets of 17,951 pensioners across the Guildford constituency.

The Conservatives have broken their promise on pensions - turning their back on some of the most vulnerable in our community.
Now more than ever, so many people in our community are struggling to get by - with rising price costs and the impact of the pandemic. By breaking their pension promise the Conservatives are showing once again how little they care.

Lib Dem MPs in Parliament pushed for more support for the two million pensioners across the UK living in poverty. But the Conservatives voted these plans down - and Labour MPs sat on their hands and abstained.

The Liberal Democrats are fighting to get a better deal for pensioners - join our campaign today.

We believe those who are struggling deserve more support now - not less. We're fighting to support pensioners living in poverty, protect the 'triple lock' and make the uplift in Universal Credit permanent. Back our campaign by adding your signature to our petition.

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