Restore the Full 31/ 31A Bus Service

31 Bus in OadbyPlease back the petition to restore the full 31/ 31A bus service after cuts at the start of the pandemic.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, bus company Arriva cut both the route and timings of the 31/ 31A/ 31E service between the Oadby estates and Leicester.

Only the 31E operated, coming from Leicester to The Parade and then covering some of the old 31 route on the Oadby Grange side of the A6 before crossing to the Brocks Hill area on the 31A route.

This "one-way" service means we have fewer buses and there are longer journey times between many key points on the Oadby estates like Beachamp, Gartree and Manor Schools and Leicester city centre.

Some of the route was also shortened. After receiving a letter on behalf of local Liberal Demorat councillors, Arriva restored the Manor High School section of the route, but only during the day. They did not say when a full service would return.

At least three stops on the Hunters Way loop and two stops on Ash Tree Road are still not served by the reduced service. The "one-way" 31E continues to operate at most times, which means at least a further 11 stops are no longer regularly served by any type of 31 bus.

Local residents tell us that they rely on the bus for a variety of reasons, such as to get to school, work or the shops. Please sign the petition to restore the full bus service to Oadby.

I/ we the undersigned call on Arriva Bus UK to restore the 31 / 31A bus service to it's pre-pandemic route and timetable.

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