Stand up to Westminster housing quotas

Teignbridge Liberal Democrats stand up to Westminster housing quotas

Liberal Democrats believe that local residents should have a stronger voice when it comes to the matters that affect them, and for many communities in Teignbridge housing is the most significant issue in their area. But the Westminster government forces local authorities like Teignbridge to implement their plan. We have our hands tied by the Government.

The Government dictates the number of houses that must be on the plan each year - far beyond what we need locally - making it impossible to adapt to local needs.

The Government process puts the developer first, even to the point of protecting the developer's 20% profit margin - it is a developers charter.

This set of sites isn't really our Local Plan, it is the Government's plan.

If we do not follow the Government's process and create a plan to supply the volume of land to satisfy their numbers, or if we insist on as many truly affordable homes as we actually need, Westminster take away the controls and the developers would have a free for all.

If like us you believe that local people should have more control over housing numbers, and oppose central government mandated figures being forced onto Teignbridge to meet an arbitrary quota, then please sign our petition below and return it to us free of charge.

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