40mph is too much near the racecourse

40 mphWe, residents of Newcastle upon Tyne, are concerned about the remaining 40 mph speed limit between the Great North Road and Sandy Lane, following the extension of the 30mph speed limit on the Great North Road to the Brunton Lane roundabout.

This includes road safety because the pavements are narrow - pedestrian numbers have risen significantly over the last year and as more people move onto the new North Gosforth Park; danger to cyclists and wildlife from speeding cars ; difficulty of leaving North Brunton and Heritage Gardens; pollution (including noise) from excess acceleration and braking on entering/leaving the 40 mph zone

We therefore call upon Newcastle City Council

1. to reduce the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph for the whole of this stretch of road

2. to post warning signs close to the entrances to North Brunton and Heritage Gardens

3. to request Northumbria Police to install a speed camera at a suitable location, and in the mean time to install a speed indicator

4. to expedite the installation of safe cycle paths as part of the Darlington to Blyth cycle route.

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