Close Little Green Lane to motor traffic

Cllrs Dominic Sokalski, Margaret Hofman and Paul RainbowThe Croxley Lib Dem team are calling for Little Green Lane to be closed to motor traffic, similar to how the local Lib Dems successfully had Rousebarn Lane closed to motor traffic back in the 1990s. This would tackle the rise in fly-tipping there and preserve its rural nature for future generations.

You can find out the latest status of the campaign here.

Over the past 12 months, since the start of COVID-19 restrictions, there has been a marked increase in the number of people taking their daily exercise (whether walking, running, cycling or horse-riding) in the countryside, woodlands and open spaces around Croxley Green, resulting in greater usage of the local network of footpaths, minor roads and other rights of way, including Little Green Lane.

Traffic levels have also increased in Little Green Lane, with a greater number of vehicles using (or attempting to use) the narrow unmetalled section between Little Green and the junction with Lincoln Drive, to the detriment of local residents walking, running or riding along the lane.


We, the undersigned, call upon Hertfordshire County Council to initiate the necessary steps to bring about a permanent closure to motor vehicles of (1) the section of Little Green Lane between its junction with Sarratt Road and a point west of Waterdell House and (2) the section between a point east of Ashlea, no. 5 Little Green, and the junction with Lincoln Drive - in order to improve the safety and amenity of local residents using the lane for recreational and leisure purposes.

Such closure to apply to all motorised vehicles with the exception of

(a) local farm traffic,

(b) emergency vehicles,

(c) vehicles and plant necessary for the upkeep and maintenance of Little Green Lane to its current standard and

(d) vehicles or plant necessary for the upkeep and maintenance of public utilities in the immediate vicinity of that section of Little Green Lane


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