Protect Kent's Pets

Animals, Lib Dem bird symbol, Slogan: Protect Kent's PetsLosing a pet is distressing enough - but to lose one to theft is heart-breaking.

During lockdown demand for dogs has skyrocketed, and prices have soared as a result. Organised crime is exploiting this situation, both by smuggling puppies from abroad and stealing dogs across the UK.

Dog theft is now at an all-time high.

Since 2018, cases of dognapping have increased by 33% in the South East - with 163 incidents reported in the last year. And in the last month alone, Kent Police have reported that thefts or attempted thefts are on the rise again. Other pets are vulnerable too.

Other police forces have had success in blocking thefts by appointing a dedicated police officer for pet protection. I want Kent Police to have the same.

Please help me by signing this petition to call on the Chief Constable of Kent to appoint an Pet Protection Officer

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