Planting and Managing Trees in Newcastle
Parklands Team at new tree planting on the Great North Road

Over the past few years, Liberal Democrats Councillors across Newcastle have been campaigning for the Council to plant more trees and to take better care of existing trees in consultation with local residents. Despite some successes, planting plans currently get cancelled at short notice and there is minimal engagement with the community to get their views and keep them informed. Please sign our petition below to get the Council to address this issue properly and invest in a key component of the visual and environmetal heritage of our city.

Planting and Managing Trees in Newcastle

We, the undersigned, draw the attention of Newcastle City Council to the importance of a coherent and ambitious Tree Strategy that recognises the environmental heritage of trees to our communities and their importance in addressing climate change.

In particular, we call on Newcastle City Council to:

a) Commit to the prompt replanting of replacement trees in consultation with residents, including the reinstatement of tree planting plans already discussed and agreed;

b) Reintroduce a programme of regular inspection and maintenance of the existing tree stock in streets;

c) Fell trees only where it is essential and to inform residents in advance of details of the reason for removal;

d) Remove stumps promptly;

e) Work with local communities to identify sites for additional tree planting and to bring forward detailed plans for implementation, seeking external funding alongside Council resources to ensure that these plans are met.

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