Kenton Road roundabout safety

Kenton Rd roundaboutWe, the undersigned, call upon Newcastle Council to take steps to address residents' concerns about safety at the 5-way roundabout junction of Kenton Road, Kenton Avenue, Elmfield Road and Elmfield Park. A combination of factors restrict visibility at all approaches, leaving pedestrians, cyclists and drivers worried that they will be involved in a collision. Given that the roundabout sits at a critical junction, which includes one of only two ways in and out of Kenton Park Estate, this is an issue that affects a significant number of people every day.

We do not believe that it is appropriate to wait until the worst happens. We ask that the Council urgently considers all means to improve visibility for all road users, introduces appropriate traffic calming measures and any other solutions that can provide nearby residents and those passing through with the reassurance that all are safe.

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