Say No to Zoning removing local planning controls

Lib Dem run Teignbridge is showing the way forward with new affordable homes and the first council led projects in Newton Abbot at Bradley Lane , Drake Road and East St. are set to deliver much needed new homes for local families, finding ways to deliver new homes by redeveloping existing sites.

After robust arguments from Teignbridge and others, central Government has backed down from forcing 1,532 new houses on our green fields. However tBoris Johnson's Government still wants to remove planning safeguards and introduce a simplistic three zone system, relying on big developers delivering houses at maximum profit and bulldozing green fields.

Local Lib Dems say: "This latest set of unrealistic proposals from Westminster risks creating a developer's paradise at the expense of the unique needs of our communities.

"We do need modern, high-quality, and genuinely affordable housing for local people, especially young families, but not a development free-for-all that will result in cheaply-built, unsustainable buildings springing up all over our beautiful part of the world.

"We also need the up-front investment in essential local services like schools, hospitals and healthcare, community facilities and better cycling and walking routes along with tackling existing road congestion.

"Teignbridge Liberal Democrats are committed to providing the sustainable, quality eco housing our communities need, but we must reject this inappropriate Westminster dictat to be able to do so."

"Please join us in saying 'NO' to the Zoning scheme, the Boris Johnson's Government's latest plans to concrete over our green fields, click to sign the petition below"

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