Protect Furloughed Workers

The Government has said they want to "wind down" the furlough scheme on 30th June.

However, the furlough scheme is protecting 1 in 5 workers from redundancy. Ending it too early would be a disaster for millions of families and our economy.

That is why - working with businesses - Liberal Democrats have created a new plan to protect employees, their families and the businesses they work for.

The plan includes:

1. A "Safe to Return to Work Scheme" providing a new wage subsidy for all employees coming off furlough, with:

●50% of salary paid during the first month in work, after furlough.

●40% of salary paid during the second month in work, after furlough.

●30% of salary paid during the third month in work, after furlough.

The current £2,500 cap under the Job Retention Scheme would be reduced in line with these percentages.

The scheme would begin once the lockdown ends.

If a company commits to employing the staff member for at least 6 months, this new 3 month wage subsidy could be paid upfront, to ease cashflow further.

2. New "Prepare to Return to Work" flexibility for part-time work in the Jobs Retention Scheme:

Building new extra flexibility into the existing Jobs Retention Scheme, to help businesses prepare for a return to work.

From 1st June, a furloughed employee would be allowed to work up to 50% of their time, whilst remaining on furlough, with the existing 80% wage subsidy.

This revised Jobs Retention Scheme would continue until the lockdown is eased and the "Safe to Return to Work Scheme" is introduced. Furloughed workers ()

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