Freeze the Fares

The Liberal Democrats have announced they will freeze rail fare increases for Mid Sussex commuters and season ticket holders for the next five years, while fixing the broken fares and ticketing system. A Liberal Democrat government would cancel the 2.8% rail fare increase planned for December 2019 and freeze Mid Sussex commuter fares and season tickets for the entirety of the next five years.

Thameslink Train at Burgess Hill Station with Robert Eggleston, PPC for Mid Sussex

The Liberal Democrats would also overhaul ticketing by simplifying the system, looking to create season tickets for part-time commuters and introducing early-bird fares. The party would ensure that all rail franchises apply delay repay compensation for delays of 15 minutes or more.

Cllr Robert Eggleston, Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Mid Sussex says:

"Dissatisfaction with rail services runs high, yet the government pushes fares up every year. I'm campaigning to freeze the fares. But this is about more than just providing more funding. We will also strip rail companies of franchises if they don't meet the standards expected of them, and develop new transport mutual companies to foster alternative competition"

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