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We the undersigned note that banks, including the state owned Royal Bank of Scotland, are leaving our high streets. This means that for any bank services other than paying in cheques and money, or withdrawing cash at local Post Offices and Cash Machines residents will have to either bank online or travel miles to obtain banking services.

We note that some of the most disadvantaged communities in the country are affected by this change and belive that this loss of service hurts the poorest and weakest in our communities, including those who can not afford the equipment to participate in online banking; have disabilities and impairments that make online banking difficult; and/or have low incomes, making travelling into the city for banking advice unaffordable to them.

We also believe that the removal of community banking could cause a significant increase in poor financial advice and the number of people borrowing money from extortionists and loan sharks.

We the undersigned call upon the Royal Bank of Scotland to:

  1. Reverse their current programme of high street bank closures;
  2. Retain their high street presence for the forseeable future; and
  3. Work with other financial services including other banking groups, building societies and credit unions and the post-office to develop a strategy to provide local financial services in our communities for the long term.

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