Referendum on the terms of Brexit

Vince Cable writes:

"The evidence is mounting that the British people want a vote on the terms of any deal to leave the European Union.

"The Liberal Democrats has long been the only main party to call for this vote, which would include the option of an exit from Brexit. The Conservatives and Labour leadership must now respond to this demand given the clearly strong current of public opinion favouring having the final say."

Liberal Democrats are calling for a referendum on the final terms of any Brexit deal because people were not told what Brexit would actually mean. Does it involve trading with the rest of the EU with no trade deal, or remaining in the Customs Union, or the Single Market? Does it involve paying for access to the single market, and implementing its regulations, but with no influence over decisions? Does it involve British people losing the right to work and travel in the EU?

I support the call for a referendum to give the British people the final say, chosing between remaining in the EU and whatever arrangements for Brexit are finally negotiated.

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