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Our regular contact with residents and local businesses has raised the fact that many people are unhappy about the huge pedestrian diversion in place around the Victoria Square building site. This diversion is long and makes it time consuming and difficult to get from Church Street West to Market Walk and the Town Centre.

It is not clear why it is necessary at this stage to close off access from Church Street West to the Toysrus carpark and Market Walk. Many residents and people who work in the offices on Church Street West and Goldsworth Road or use the carpark are inconvenienced on a daily basis by the huge detour around the site (blue line) rather than a direct link (red Line).

That is why we are petitioning Woking Borough Council to;

"Review pedestrian arrangements around the Victoria Square site and put in place a direct pedestrian route around the site's north edge, and keep this route open for as much as possible throughout the project"

Woking pedestrian

If you agree, please sign our petition and share it!

Thank you for your interest but we are no longer accepting supporters for this campaign.

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