No to Dementia Tax - Call for Tories to scrap this mean-spirited care funding policy

hands elderlyOver the past few days, millions will have shuddered at Conservative plans to fund social care.

Under the initial proposals, people who receive care at home will be required to fund the entire care cost until they reach their last £100,000 of assets which the State would allow them to keep. And for the first time, the value of their home will be taken into accound when meeting care costs.

This will affect 98% of all homeowners across Barnet. Almost all people will face a cruel "Personal Death Tax" charged against their home and may have to sell it when thye die to fund residential and domestic care home costs.

We are worried for elderly residents across the three constituencies in Barnet who would be hit by crippling costs to pay for their care.

These plans are a betrayal of those who worked hard all their lives to leave something behind for their loved ones but who when they end up with a condition like dementia, through no fault of their own, see the value of their home whittled awat in home care costs.

The proposals were devised without input from experts, ignore advice from charities and care providers and fly in the face of a recent independent review and current cap proposals.

The Conservatives are now reeling from this dreadful policy, however they have not said how much a cap would be and that the whole policy is uncosted. Far from strong and stable; this is shambolic and calls into question what else in their manisfesto is up for switching.

Join us in the fight against this Dementia Tax and sign the petition today.

Written, produced and promoted by R Logue on behalf of A Hill (Liberal Democrats) all at 21 Hammers Lane, NW7 4BY.

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