Protect Our Police

The government has now decided to postpone planned changes to the police funding formula, but Tim Farron has warned that the the fight to protect Cumbria Police is not over yet.

Firstly, Cumbria Police is likely to face cuts of over £11m as a result of budget cuts due to be announced at the end of November.

Secondly, the government has only delayed, rather than scrapped, their changes to the funding formula. Unless the government changes the criteria it will use, these could see Cumbria Police lose a further £15m.

Join Tim in fighting to Protect Our Police.

I/we, the undersigned, petition the government to:

  1. Take into account the extra costs involved in policing large rural areas when drawing up the new funding formula criteria
  2. Ensure that Cumbria Police do not face budget cuts on a scale which would lead to further reductions in the number of officers, and thus make Cumbria's communities less safe.

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