I support the existing Human Rights Act. Don’t let the Government scrap it.

Human Rights ActIn Coalition, the Tories said they would abolish the Human Rights Act (HRA) as quickly as possible if they had their own way. They also threatened to walk away from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), with no guarantee about what would come in its place. The only reason they could not follow through on their plans is because they were blocked time and again by the Liberal Democrats.

The HRA and ECHR are not some piffling pieces of legislation, dreamt up by bureaucrats in Brussels. These are British rights, drafted by British lawyers in the aftermath of the Second World War and fought for by Winston Churchill.

They are designed to place public authorities in the UK under a strict, non-negotiable obligation to treat people with fairness, equality and dignity. They have often been all that has stood in the way of injustice inflicted on the individual by an over-powerful state.

The Human Rights Act protects the vulnerable and the powerless. Back our campaign to protect it.

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